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MiniReview: "Les Nuits fauves" de Cyril Collard
06 April 2024
Mes pensées par rapport à un grand roman français très singulier.

MiniReview: "The Folding Star" by Alan Hollinghurst
03 September 2023
Review of a 1994 novel by one of my favourite novelists.

MiniReview: "Sextet" by Morris Panych
07 January 2023
Review of a 2016 play by Canadian playwright Morris Panych.

MiniReview: "The Celluloid Closet" (film)
19 August 2021
Review of a classic documentary about the depiction of the LGBT community in Hollywood cinema.

MiniReview: Two 1970s docs
30 June 2021
Review of a groundbreaking documentary about queer lives in the United States of the 1970s, as well as a documentary about Harvey Milk, the openly gay San Francisco politician assassinated in 1978.

MiniReview: "Edge of Seventeen" (film)
25 January 2021
Review of a 1998 American indie.

11 May 2020
Review of a 2018 doc about the way Montgomery Clift's life was distorted in biographies.

30 January 2020
In some people's eyes, this is the classic gay novel. But how many people have read it? Well, I did (for the second time).

28 November 2019
A rare review from me of a brand new film!

02 August 2019
Review of an LGBTQ comedy from 2013.

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