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MiniReview: "Edge of Seventeen" (film)
25 January 2021
Review of a 1998 American indie.

11 May 2020
Review of a 2018 doc about the way Montgomery Clift's life was distorted in biographies.

30 January 2020
In some people's eyes, this is the classic gay novel. But how many people have read it? Well, I did (for the second time).

28 November 2019
A rare review from me of a brand new film!

02 August 2019
Review of an LGBTQ comedy from 2013.

15 July 2019
Review of an LGBTQ classic film from 1999.

17 May 2019
Review of a classic queer play.

26 December 2018
Review of a much overrated 2017 film.

16 December 2017
A look at how two 20th-century poets dealt with their queer sexuality in very different ways.