Videos and stuff

My first-ever YouTube video! A performance I did at La Petite Marche, Montreal, in May 2018 as part of an evening called Lapalabrava. Video by Akim Kermiche. 


My second YouTube video! Also a performance from May 2018, this one in Vancouver. Thank you to the Vancouver Poetry Slam for the fine vid. 


Some highlights from the last time I performed Who Waits at the Top of the Stairs, the final day of the Prague Fringe Festival in 2015. 


Other videos are available on my Vimeo page.


Audio: You can also listen to an interview I did in 2017 with Stefan Christoff on Free City Radio (CKUT, Montreal), followed by a monologue (which starts at 8:34) from Who Waits at the Top of the Stairs, here.