MiniReview: "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" by Tennessee Williams
18 July 2021
Review of a 1955 American play that may or may not have a gay man as its main character.

MiniReview: Two 1970s docs
30 June 2021
Review of a groundbreaking documentary about queer lives in the United States of the 1970s, as well as a documentary about Harvey Milk, the openly gay San Francisco politician assassinated in 1978.

MiniReview: "Paragraph 175" (film)
29 June 2021
Review of an important documentary about the persecution of the LGBT community in Nazi Germany.

MiniReview: "Certain Young Men" by Peter Gill
06 June 2021
Review of a 1999 British play about contemporary gay men's lives.

MiniReview: "Brother to Brother" (film)
04 June 2021
Review of a 2004 American indie showcasing African-American gay lives.

MiniReview: "Corpus Christi" by Terrence McNally
09 May 2021
Review of a controversial gay "mystery play" from the 1990s.

A Quiet Mind; or, The Tyranny of Culture
04 May 2021
Some pandemic-inspired thoughts on art, culture, religion, and quietude.

MiniReview: "Paris Is Burning" (film)
02 May 2021
Review of a seminal LGBT documentary about the ballroom scene in NYC in the 1980s.

MiniReview: "O Fantasma" (film)
20 March 2021
Review of a 2000 Portuguese curiosity.

MiniReview: "I Am Michael" (film)
28 January 2021
Review of a 2015 American indie.

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