MiniReview: "I'm So Excited" (film)

The  co-pilot (played by Hugo Silva) will soon have an encounter that gives a whole new meaning to "cockpit" and will have him seriously questioning his heterosexual credentials. 

What is it?

A 2013 Spanish film, directed by Pedro Almódovar.


Hey, didn’t you just review another film by him?

Yes, it was All About My Mother. I wanted to have a look at something more recent than that film, or the other one of his I reviewed. I’ve decided (as, apparently, have millions of others!) that I have a big love for this director.


“A big love”? John, is English your first language?

Maybe I’m channelling being Spanish. They’re all so beautiful …


Okay, so let’s get this back on track. What’s the film about?

It’s about a plane that has to make an emergency landing and may crash, killing everyone on board.


Oh my god!

But it’s an Almódovor film, so it’s fun. In fact, this film is a delight. When it looks like they’re going to die, everyone just drinks, takes drugs, and has sex!


Yes, of course. What kind of sex?

All kinds. I saw an interview in which the director said the film is dedicated to bisexuals, and there are three characters who seem to be inclined that way, which is definitely a way higher bisexual count than you’d see in almost any other film. But there’s also some nice straight sex, and a woman, no longer terribly young, who loses her virginity with a guy who’s drugged and sleeping. And two gay stewards.


Okay, so I take it this isn’t a disaster film, like Airport.

No, it’s just a very stylish, funny, weird film about a magical experience that forces people to re-examine their lives and make peace with the past. Like a queer Christmas Carol, but without Christmas. Or Scrooge or Tiny Tim.


Why’s it called I’m So Excited?

Because in one scene, in a bid to raise the spirits of the first-class passengers, all of whom may soon die, the three queer stewards perform a dance number to the Pointer Sisters’ “I’m So Excited.” It’s worth watching the film just for this.



One star. It’s light entertainment, with lashings of style. It’s rather silly, and there are some plot lines that I didn’t think were entirely successful, but it’s all just so much fun. You’ll be happy you’re alive.

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