Posts tagged with "homosexuality"

MiniReview: "Edge of Seventeen" (film)
25 January 2021
Review of a 1998 American indie.

MiniReview: "Été 85" (film)
20 December 2020
Review of a 2020 French film, released en pleine pandémie.

MiniReview: "I Am Jonas" (film)
19 December 2020
Review of a 2018 French film now showing on Netflix.

13 November 2020
Review of a new version of the classic gay play, originally filmed in 1970.

06 November 2020
Review of a groundbreaking 1961 film about homosexual life in Britain when it was against the law.

04 November 2020
Review of a very recent play about gay life.

21 April 2020
Review of a 2017 film about Act Up Paris.

10 March 2020
A relatively rare thing from me: a review of a Canadian novel!

30 January 2020
In some people's eyes, this is the classic gay novel. But how many people have read it? Well, I did (for the second time).

27 January 2020
Review of a 1980 film that made waves at the time.

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