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10 March 2020
A relatively rare thing from me: a review of a Canadian novel!

30 January 2020
In some people's eyes, this is the classic gay novel. But how many people have read it? Well, I did (for the second time).

27 January 2020
Review of a 1980 film that made waves at the time.

25 January 2020
Review of a 1970 film that's about to have a remake.

23 January 2020
Review of a documentary about one of the most publicized (and tragic) events in the LGBT community.

03 December 2019
Review of the standard biography of THE gay icon.

28 November 2019
A rare review from me of a brand new film!

25 November 2019
Review of a classic queer autobiography by a controversial figure.

13 November 2019
La vie désespérée d'un jeune homme gai en région.

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