Posts tagged with "AIDS"

MiniReview: "Blue" (film)
20 June 2023
Review of a 1993 film by Derek Jarman.

MiniReview: "Pink Orchids: The HIV Monologues" by Patrick Cash
18 June 2023
Review of a 2016 play by English playwright Patrick Cash.

MiniReview: "Blue" by Derek Jarman
17 June 2023
Review of a 1994 text by English artist/director Derek Jarman.

MiniReview: "It's a Sin" (TV series)
15 June 2023
Review of a very popular 2021 UK miniseries about young Brits living and dying with the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

MiniReview: "Acqua Calda" by Keith McDermott
07 January 2023
Review of a novel that frequently shows up on gay reading lists.

MiniReview: "We Were Here" (film)
20 August 2021
Review of a classic documentary about the AIDS epidemic as it was experienced in San Francisco.

04 November 2020
Review of a very recent play about gay life.

21 April 2020
Review of a 2017 film about Act Up Paris.

27 September 2019
Review of a classic collection of poems written in the shadow of the AIDS epidemic.

06 January 2019
Review of the first AIDS play, from 1985.

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