Posts tagged with "AIDS"

MiniReview: "Acqua Calda" by Keith McDermott
07 January 2023
Review of a novel that frequently shows up on gay reading lists.

MiniReview: "We Were Here" (film)
20 August 2021
Review of a classic documentary about the AIDS epidemic as it was experienced in San Francisco.

04 November 2020
Review of a very recent play about gay life.

21 April 2020
Review of a 2017 film about Act Up Paris.

27 September 2019
Review of a classic collection of poems written in the shadow of the AIDS epidemic.

06 January 2019
Review of the first AIDS play, from 1985.

13 October 2018
Review of the TV miniseries based on the classic AIDS play.

11 April 2018
Review of the film of the play.

28 February 2018
Review of a 2001 short story collection by a great gay writer.

25 February 2018
Some thoughts on this big (in every sense) play.

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