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MiniReview: "Été 85" (film)
20 December 2020
Review of a 2020 French film, released en pleine pandémie.

21 April 2020
Review of a 2017 film about Act Up Paris.

23 January 2020
Review of a documentary about one of the most publicized (and tragic) events in the LGBT community.

03 December 2019
Review of the standard biography of THE gay icon.

28 November 2019
A rare review from me of a brand new film!

27 September 2019
Review of a classic collection of poems written in the shadow of the AIDS epidemic.

15 July 2019
Review of an LGBTQ classic film from 1999.

17 May 2019
Review of a classic queer play.

17 May 2019
Review of one of the outstanding gay plays of recent years.

14 October 2018
Review of a fabulous volume of queer poetry.

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