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Celebrating Paul Monette
07 April 2024
Thoughts on a gay writer who is, astonishingly (to me), not as widely known as he should be.

A Quiet Mind; or, The Tyranny of Culture
04 May 2021
Some pandemic-inspired thoughts on art, culture, religion, and quietude.

16 November 2020
A longer than usual review of Hanya Yanagihara's A LITTLE LIFE.

02 November 2020
A little dialogue about art, the pandemic, and loneliness.

18 March 2020
My thoughts on the early days of this crisis, and why anxiety feels so familiar.

10 January 2019
In the queer new world of same-sex marriage and gay parents, is "gay theatre" a dying genre? Maybe things haven't changed as much as we think.

31 December 2018
Reflections on identity, European social movements, and a certain film whose title is not dissimilar to the second part of the title of this essay.

23 July 2018
Reflections on the words "amateur" and "professional", and what they might mean in the context of theatre.

16 December 2017
A look at how two 20th-century poets dealt with their queer sexuality in very different ways.

13 October 2017
Image: A nice graveyard in Hartford, Connecticut. Photo by me.

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