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MiniReview: "The York Realist" by Peter Gill
11 August 2021
Review of a 2001 play by British playwright Peter Gill.

MiniReview: "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" by Tennessee Williams
18 July 2021
Review of a 1955 American play that may or may not have a gay man as its main character.

MiniReview: "Certain Young Men" by Peter Gill
06 June 2021
Review of a 1999 British play about contemporary gay men's lives.

MiniReview: "Corpus Christi" by Terrence McNally
09 May 2021
Review of a controversial gay "mystery play" from the 1990s.

04 November 2020
Review of a very recent play about gay life.

17 May 2019
Review of a classic queer play.

17 May 2019
Review of one of the outstanding gay plays of recent years.

06 January 2019
Review of the first AIDS play, from 1985.

23 May 2018
Review of a volume of three one-person plays by Canadian playwright Jordan Tannahill, published in 2013.

29 April 2018
Review of a play by veteran gay playwright Martin Sherman, first presented in 2017.

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