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23 March 2017
What is it? A film, directed by Luchino Visconti and adapted from the novella by Thomas Mann, released in 1971. What is it about? See here. Is it a faithful adaptation? Up to a point. The great writer has morphed into a composer. There are scenes in which he and a friend argue about art, which aren’t in the novella. And flashbacks to his relationship with his wife, also not in the novella. And some little (or not so little) things: Tadzio seems more openly interested in Aschenbach here,...

17 March 2017
If these girls were gay guys, then the picture would perfectly capture the atmosphere of Slutty Summer. Not high art, but maybe a guilty pleasure?

09 March 2017
What is it? A film, based on a novel by Henry James, released in 1984 (the film, that is). What is it about? It’s set in Boston and New York in 1876, and tells the story of a young feminist woman, Verena, caught between her devotion to an older woman, Olive, who wishes her to remain faithful to the female sex, and a dashing Southern gentleman, Basil, who would like to, as Olive says, shut up Verena's mouth with kisses. John, I thought you said in an earlier review that the novels of Henry...