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27 February 2017
À peine un peu moins enfantin que le Tireur d'épine, sans gêne aucune et sans excessive impudeur, il s'offrait à l'amour avec un abandon, une tendresse, une grâce que je n'avais encore jamais connues. --André Gide, Le Ramier Tireur d'épine, Musée du Capitole, Rome

20 February 2017
What is it? A Canadian novel, first published in 2006. What is it about? It’s the story of Joey, a 40-ish auto mechanic from Drumheller, Alberta, recently separated from his wife, who left him to live with a woman in Calgary. Various things take Joey to Calgary for a long weekend, where he checks into the Capri Motor Court and Inn and has encounters with a colourful range of people, including his ex-wife and her girlfriend, a dirty-mouthed cello instructor, the beautiful sister of a...

16 February 2017
Who would not be tempted by this book?!

06 February 2017
Am I an artist? or a work of art?