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MiniReview: "The Magician" by Colm Toibin
14 September 2022
One of my favourite gay writers has written a fictional biography of one of my favourite gay writers!

MiniReview: "Down There on a Visit" by Christopher Isherwood
25 September 2021
Review of a novel/memoir by the ever-fascinating Christopher Isherwood.

16 September 2018
Review of a classic gay memoir by Christopher Isherwood.

16 December 2017
A look at how two 20th-century poets dealt with their queer sexuality in very different ways.

29 October 2017
What is it? A novel by Christopher Isherwood, originally published in 1967. As it turned out, it was his last novel. There are much better known novels by Isherwood. Why are you reviewing such an obscure one? I was in a second-hand bookstore in Nottingham, England, and looked for a book by Isherwood and it’s what they had. Sometimes it’s just as well to let chance take a hand. Okay. So what’s it about? It’s the story of two brothers who meet up in Calcutta just as the younger one is...