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13 November 2019
La vie désespérée d'un jeune homme gai en région.

29 October 2019
Review of the first book in the iconic gay series.

03 October 2019
Review of the first book published by one of the most prominent contemporary gay writers.

02 August 2019
Review of an LGBTQ comedy from 2013.

15 October 2018
Review of an acclaimed 2015 film.

13 October 2018
Review of the TV miniseries based on the classic AIDS play.

10 September 2018
Review of a classic gay novel by Gore Vidal.

09 June 2018
Review of a best-selling book on the psychology of gay men.

27 May 2018
Review of the most recent novel by English writer Alan Hollinghurst.

18 May 2018
The first-ever gay film (1919).

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